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1. Object

Service: GTN Mobile TOP UP service, which is exclusively provided to GTN Mobile’s customers, allows the transfer of telephone communication credits from Japan to prepaid mobile accounts in more than 150 countries.

2. Definitions

ServiceGTN TOP UP service is provided by GTN Mobile as a collaboration with DT One allowing customers to send telephone communications credits from Japan for prepaid mobile accounts of beneficiaries globally to more than 150 countries.
CustomerGTN Mobile’s Customer who orders and pays the Service in order to carry out the reloading of the Credit on behalf of the Beneficiary.
BeneficiaryThe Beneficiary is a prepaid SIM’s holders and identified by international telephone numbers (+country code – phone number).
Credit The credit is telephone communication credit which is transferred to the prepaid mobile account of the beneficiary.

3. Descriptions and Terms of Service

We are providing a TOP UP service limited for GTN Mobile’s customers as a reseller of prepaid mobile phones’ credit for more than 150 destination countries. Telephone communication credits are transferred to beneficiaries’ prepaid mobile accounts from Japan per request by Customer.

4. Conditions of Ordering, Recharging, Payment and Refund

  • Order: Customers send a request to GTN Mobile by submitting an order form. Order form can be accessed through QR Code in the email, poster, and our official website. Once orders have been received, customers will get an email or call from 03-5155-4673 for last confirmation.
  • Recharge: Customers must ensure that the prepaid mobile number indicated to receive the mobile credit recharge is correct. GTN Mobile is not responsible for recharging incorrect destination telephone numbers provided by customers.
    Basically, its recharges are processed instantly. However, some recharges may take up to 24 hours to be processed depending on the network or weather conditions.
    If the beneficiary does not receive the credit recharge within 24 hours, please contact us for verification.
    This service may be temporarily interrupted due to maintenance works without prior notification.
  • Payment: Payment of this service is post-paid and will be added to the upcoming GTN Mobile’s monthly invoice.
    Customers will get notification to make payment in advance once the Top Up fee reaches over 3,000 Yen.
  • Refund: In case the international prepaid mobile credit recharge fails due to technical error, the payment will not be added to the upcoming GTN Mobile’s invoice. International prepaid mobile credit recharges made to the wrong destination phone number provided by customers cannot be refunded.

5. Prices

The prices of its service is mentioned on our official website which is tax included. The content and prices may change without prior notice.

6. Cancellation of Validated Order

In case a credit recharge request is cancelled after validation of the order is confirmed by phone and credit has been sent to the destination prepaid mobile number, its payment is non-refundable.

In case of cancellation, customer is required to contact GTN Mobile Support Center before.

After the confirmation process and transaction is completed, the payment cannot be refunded, except for technical reasons. In this case, please refer to section 4.4.

7. Transaction’s Record

Customers can request for a transaction’s record to confirm if needed. Transaction’s record will be sent to the customer by email.

8. Validity Period of Credits

The validity period starts from the time the recharge is received by destination mobile phone. When not specified, the validity period varies depending on the destination mobile phone carriers’s system configuration.

9. Failure and Outages

This service is not provided by GTN Mobile only. As a collaboration with DT One, its service is dependent on a large network of service providers that are not under DT One’s control, i.e the internet service provider. From time to time, these providers may fail to provide its service to DT One. It means that GTN Mobile may fail to fulfill customer’s request to recharge mobile credit.

In addition, DT One will not be liable for any outages of the Service due to a service interruption caused by any of these DT One’s providers.

10. Force Majeure

Both GTN Mobile and DT One will not be liable for delays in performing our obligations, or failure to perform any such obligations under this Agreement, if the delay or failure results from circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to, and Act of God, governmental act, fire, explosion, war, armed conflict of civil commotion.

11. Right of access of files and Personal Data

GTN Mobile collects personal information relating to customers (i.e phone number, email address, etc) and Beneficiaries’ telephone number when ordering the service by Customers. This collection allows GTN Mobile to process the order. By using the services of GTN TOP UP, any customer accepts, on the one hand, the processing of customer data and, on the other hand, receives an offer from us regarding our services by phone or email.

12. Customer Service and Claim

GTN Mobile Support Center
Telephone number: 03-5155-4673
Email: info@gtn-mobile.com
Business hours: Everyday (Except New Year Holidays 10 AM-6 PM)


1. 目的

サービス:GTN MOBILE TOP UP はGTN MOBILEサービスご利用中のお客様限定に、150ヵ国を超える国へテレコミュニケーションのクレジットを送信できるサービスです。

2. 定義

サービスTOP UPとは、GTN MOBILE(以下、「弊社」)とDT Oneの連携によりご提供するサービスで、150ヵ国を超える国へ、グローバルに提供しているサービスです。日本のモバイルアカウントにて料金を支払うことで、海外の指定の番号へクレジットを送信することができます。
お客様弊社GTN MOBILEサービスをご利用中で、かつ、TOP UPに申し込んだお客様を指します。お客様が指定した番号にテレコミュニケーションのクレジットを送信(リチャージ)します。

3. 重要事項詳細

当サービス、弊社サービスをご利用中のお客様限定で TOP UPサービスを提供する再販をおこなっております。150ヵ国を超える国へ利用出来る前払いテレコミュニケーションのクレジットサービスです。お客様の依頼により受取人のプリペイド携帯電話番号にクレジットをリチャージします。

4. オーダー、リチャージ、お支払い、払い戻しの条件

  • オーダー: お客様はGTN Mobile へオーダーフォームを提出する必要です。オーダーフォームはメール、ポスター、ホームページに記載されているQRコードからアクセス頂けます。オーダーを受付後、最終確認のために03-5155-4673 からお客様へ連絡します。
  • リチャージ: お客様は、モバイルのリチャージを受け取るために示されたプリペイド携帯電話番号が正しいことを確認する必要があります。
  • お支払い: 支払いは後払いになっており、ご利用中のGTN MOBILEサービスの料金と合わせて請求されます。
  • 払い戻し: 技術的なエラーにより国際プリペイドモバイルクレジットリチャージが失敗した場合、リチャージ金額はGTN MOBILEサービスの次の請求には加算されません。

5. 料金/価格


6. キャンセルについて


7. リチャージの履歴


8. クレジットの有効期間


9. 障害と停止

当サービスは、GTNモバイルとDT One を連携したサービスです。リチャージサービスは大手プロバイダーに管理されているため、DT Oneが提供できない場合もあります。つまり、GTNモバイルはお客様からの要求を満たせない可能性があります。

さらに、DT Oneは、これらのDT Oneのプロバイダーのいずれかによって引き起こされたサービスの中断によるサービスの停止については責任を負いません。

10. 不可抗力

弊社とDT Oneの両方は、当社の義務の履行の遅延、 または本契約に基づくそのような義務の不履行に対して責任を負わないもの とします。遅延または失敗が当社の制御が及ばない状況に起因する場合、神の行為、政府の行為、火事、爆発、戦争、市民の武力紛争の武装紛争を含みますが、これらに限定されません。

11. 個人情報の取り扱いについて

弊社は電話番号やEmailアドレス等のお客様個人情報を収集いたします。お客様がサービスを注文する際の受益者の電話番号。お客様のの情報を受けてからGTNモバイルは注文を処理できます。GTN MOBILE TOP UPのサービスを利用し、すべてのお客様が受け入れますお客様データの処理と、その一方で電話またはメールで当社のサービスに関するオファーを受け取りす。

12. お問い合わせ

GTN MOBILE サポートセンター
営業時間:10:00~18:00 年中無休(年末年始は除く)