Please change your payment information as below when you make bank transfer to us.

【Account Information for Bank Transfer】

Bank nameMizuho Bank
Branch nameIkebukuro Branch (230)
Account typeSaving
Account number2015727
Account nameカ)グローバルトラストネットワークス

【Change payer's information】

Example with Convnenience store ATM(7-11)

① If you can change the payer's name, please press "変更" button to change it.
If you can enter a payment number, please press "入力" to enter it.

<Example of ATM screen>

② Please enter the payment number that we informed you in email.

<Example of ATM screen>

③ After switching to insert alphabet, number and entering your payment number, press "確認" button.

<Example of ATM screen>

④ Finally, please confirm that all the information is correct and you have entered the payment number.
If you can enter your phone number, please enter together with the payment number.

<Example of ATM screen>

*The operation procedures may be different depending on the ATM. If you have any questions, please contact GTN Mobile Customer Center.