Monthly payment breakdown

Basic charge

last month usage​ ​target

  • Plan Basic fee
  • SMS basic fee
  • Universal service fee

Phone call charge

the month before the last​ ​target

  • phone call charge
  • SMS usage charge

Monthly Charges

Every month 8th~10th​ ​we will send you an invoice mail

※ For example, the invoice mail sent on Sept. 8th includes August basic fee and July phone call charge

Specific Example:

Contract Month2017 September
First invoiceOctober 8th
  • Basic fee of September(Plan・SMS basic fee・Universal fee)
  • Handling fee 3000 Yen(tax excl.)
Next invoiceNovember 8th
  • Basic fee of October(Plan・SMS basic fee・Universal fee)
  • Phone call charge made in September(Phone calls+SMS charges)
Next invoiceDecember 8th
  • November Basic fee(Plan・SMS basic fee・Universal fee)
  • Phone call charge made in October(Phone calls+SMS charges)

※In case of 050 number, usage for the previous month will be included in the current month invoice