"Out of service" showed on iOS phones.

If the current iOS version is before iOS 12, the service may be displayed as "Out of service area"
Please update the latest iOS version.

How can I request for data package change, payment method change or contract cancellation?

The procedure can be requested via GTN MOBILE App
Since each procedure has a deadline for application, please check the explanation in contract terms and conditions for more details

Why is my phone bill is so high this month?

Call charges may occurred.
For details of monthly bill, please use GTN Mobile App or check Invoice email
For more details,CLICK HERE.

How do I check the call history for this month?

You can check call history after 2 months from the time you make the calls, but you can also check a rough estimate depending on your plan. For inquiries about call or SMS history, please contact GTN Mobile directly.

When I change my plan, can I use the new plan immediately?

In case of changing data plan, please contact GTN Mobile in advance. The new plan will be applied from the 1st of the following month or the month after, depending on the timing of request. Different plans have different request deadline. For more details, please check contract terms and conditions.

Can I change from GTN Mobile Eazy plan to GTN Care plan?

Customer might need to cancel the current plan and apply for a new plan with a new number. 
Please contact our support center for more details.

Would you like to send a notification email after payment?

We will not send you a notification email after payment.

What should I do if I return to my home country permantly or temporarily leave Japan?

Please note that the basic fee will still be charged as usual even when you don't use the service.
In case of permently leaving Japan, please contact us for contract cancellation.
For more details,CLICK HERE.

How much will I be charged if I exceed the contracted capacity, can I still use it?

If you exceed the capacity limit of each plan, there will be no additional charge, but internet speed will be limited. The speed limit varies depending on the plan.

Can the remaining data be added to the following month?​ ​

For GTN Mobile Eazy SIM plan, the remaining amount of data for the current month will be carried over to the following month. This is not applied to other plans besides GTN Mobile Eazy SIM plan.

How can I check the remaining data?

Currently on GTN MOBILE App you can view your data usage. Depending on the plans, it might take time for the data to be reflected.

Can I add additional data?

Currently on GTN MOBILE App you can request for extra data usage. Depending on the plans, it might take time to process the request.
For more details, please visit "Service Plans" page on our website.

Can I verify my age on LINE?

No. All GTN Mobile plans do not support LINE age verification.
Please use QR Code method to add friends on LINE instead of using phone number.