The instructions below are NOT for customers applying for EXPRESS Plan during the period from October 2015 to September 2017.​ ​

This is for customers applying outside the above specified period. This is the right instruction if your plan in MYPAGE is either EXPRESS (E) or EXPRESS (EV)

For customer applying during during the period from Oct 2015 to Sep 2017, please follow​ ​APN settings for Infinity and Express Plan

APN Information

Authentication typeCHAP

For Android phones

From Settings, please find 「Mobile Networks」 or 「Cellular Networks」

*It might have a different name depending on the model of your phone.

Please choose 「Access Point Names」

Please choose 「Access Point Names」 from the 「Cellular Networks」 menu.

Please choose 「New APN」 or 「+」 from the top right menu.

Depending on the model of your phone, folder names may be different so please kindly refer to your phone's manual.

Please insert the information above to create a new APN.

​ ​After putting all the information, please save this APN.

Please confirm that「gtnmobile」is displayed on the APN list and select it「gtnmobile」.

Connection test

Please turn off Wi-Fi connection, turn on Mobile Data network and check if you access or not.

For iOS

Download the profile data

Connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, go to​ ​​ ​with Safari

Install the profile

The profile will be displayed so please install it.

To install the profile, you need to enter the passcode your iPhone's passcode

Please check whether the installation is completed or not.

Enable Mobile Data

​ ​Go to "Settings" → "Cellular" → "Mobile data communication"​ ​​ ​

And enable "Mobile data communication" and turn on LTE or 4G on the setting.

Connection test

Please turn off Wi-Fi connection and check if you can connect to the Internet.