What is MY PAGE?

MY PAGE is a system made only for customers of GTN Mobile.
With MY PAGE, you can confirm your current contract with GTN, as well as make changes to your package. Furthermore, you can also get the payment link for your monthly bill if your payment method is Convenience store payment!

  • Easy to check
    your billing details!

  • Easy Convenience store payment
    with MY PAGE!

  • Easy to change
    your contract information!

How to use MY PAGE

After your contract with GTN Mobile started, we will send you the URL of MY PAGE and your Customer ID, Password within 2 weeks.
Please follow the guideline to log-in and change your password.

  • ※Your new password must contain at least 1 lower case letter and 1 number.

    Email screen

    Log-in with the information sent to your email.

    MY PAGE log-in screen

What you can do on MY PAGE

  • Confirm your current package
  • Confirm your billing details
    ※Get the payment link for convenience store payment.
  • Change your password, email
  • Reissue/Change size of your SIM card
  • Change your plan, terminate the contract

More features are coming in the future!

※ How to get the payment link from MY PAGE

  • Tap the 「決済する」 button next to the payment amount​ ​


    Choose 【Conbini】and follow the payment steps

    Payment screen

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