★ Number Reservation Service★

Reserve a phone number from GTN Mobile before your departure
if you decide to study in Japan or have a long business trip!

Why do you need the reservation service?

If you are going to study abroad or have a long-term business trip in Japan, you can book a Japanese phone number to be used even before your departure.
If you have booked it in advance, procedure will be much easier after you arrive Japan.

You may reserve a number from GTN Mobile once your travelling schedule is firmed. Your reservation will be accepted from 14 days before your scheduled arrival date.
You can make a reservation with just your passport only, it is easy to apply for it.​ ​

  • Tell your family your phone number before departure

    Since the telephone number to be used in Japan will be decided before your departure, you can tell your friends and family your Japanese number so they can get in touch with you anytime.
    Less stress and worry if it is your first time visiting Japan.

  • Save your time in finding a suitable mobile company in Japan

    It is hard to find a store that can support you in English or other foreign languages in Japan.
    GTN Mobile, a mobile service company that is specialized in serving foreigners, will provide you safe and reliable service.

  • Enjoy a convenient and quick reception procedure

    After your arrival and getting your address registered on your Residence Card, please apply for delivery service from our website by using the reservation number issued at the time of booking!
    You will receive a SIM card with the reserved number within a few days.

Flow of to acquire a reservation number

Things to prepare

  • Passport

For reservations,​ ​reservation is accepted from 14 days before your scheduled date of arrival.​ ​If you make a reservation more than 14 days before the scheduled date of arrival, it may takes longer time for us to notify you the reserved phone number.

Booking procedure

  • ※1: Please keep the reservation number stated in the reservation completion mail as it will be needed for delivery service after you arrived Japan.
  • ※ 2: We will inform you about the phone number within 3 days after booking application. However, it may takes longer time for us to notify you if the content of application is unclear.

After your arrival

Things to prepare

  • Reservation number
  • Residence card (It is a certificate issued when you arrive in Japan)
  • Student ID or Letter of acceptance (※Prepare your Passport if you are not a student )

Receive your SIM card

  • 1. the Reservation number in the confirmation screen. Please enter your reservation number sent from us and proceed to the application screen.

  • 2. Please upload the required documents and apply for delivery.

  • 3. We will deliver the SIM (or SIM + handset) to your address within a few days.

  • ※: The validity period of the reservation number is 7 days from the scheduled date of entry into Japan. If the deadline expires, you may not be able to sign up with the reserved phone number.
  • ※: You are not allowed to change the plan selected during the time of reservation, or use the reserved phone number when changing plans.
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