Privacy policy

Global Trust Networks Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") believes that handling customers' personal information properly is an important obligation as we provide vital business services with confidential information. Based on the following personal information protection policy, we establish and execute a personal information protection management system. All employees involved in establishing the policy and system, they do understand the importance of handling customers' personal information in a proper way.

Guidelines on protection of personal information

Regarding the proper acquisition, use and provision of personal information

Take the scale and the nature of our business into account, we will appropriately use the customers' personal information and use it in assist to expand our business scale if necessary. If our initial purpose of using customers' personal information has been changed, we will inform customers before using their personal information and seek for agreement/permission before using so. Personal information will not be offered to third parties without your consent unless you consign your business to accomplish the purpose of use. In order to prevent unauthorized use and provision, use and provision of personal information is carried out after the personal information protection manager confirms its appropriateness. Voluntary inspections and internal audits are also be done periodically so as to strengthen the privacy and control of the private customers' personal information.

Safety measures for personal information protection

(1) Preventive measures against personal information leakage, loss, damage, etc.​ ​

Our Company implements appropriate security measures to prevent the leakage, loss, damage, etc. of personal information. In addition, in order to thoroughly enforce these measures, we educate and supervise employees periodically to ensure they understand the policy. If we have to consign personal information to the third party, selection and inspection will be done strictly by our staff to ensure that there are no information leakage or loss through out the whole process.​ ​

(2) Corrective action for personal information leakage, loss, damage, etc.

If information leakage, loss or damage of personal information really exist, relative corrective measures will be taken immediately to prevent the situation being worsen. Further investigation will also be performed by our company to prevent such case being happened again in the foreseeable future. Besides, we may report the case and the situation to the related organizations and parties, depends on the seriousness and the importance of the problem.

Norms and Laws that we complied

Our company complies with the government laws and guidelines related to privacy and personal information handling issues, and the norms of affiliated organizations etc.​ ​

Continuous improvement of personal information protection management system

We will implement and maintain a management system related to the protection of personal information and review it periodically and make appropriate amendment if it is needed to ensure it is updated and useful.

Complaints regarding to privacy issues

If you have any enquires or complaints reagrding to the handling of personal information, you may contact "personal information inquiry counter" below. We will reply your enquiries and complaints as soon as possible.

【Inquiry about personal information】
TEL: 03-6804-6801

Global Trust Networks Co.,Ltd.
Representative Director Hiroyuki Goto
Date of enactment December 15, 2016

* This privacy policy may be revised in accordance to the changes in laws and regulations.

Publication of the personal information​ ​

1. 個人情報の利用目的

The purpose of using personal information handled by Global Trust Networks Co., Ltd. is as follows:You can make a claim if our purpose of using or disclosing personal information is being amended by the third party.


Types of personal informationPurpose
  • サービス提供に係る会員登録のため
  • For carrying out business related to service provision
  • 受け入れ企業様への料金請求のため
  • For various guidance
  • 物件情報提供のため
  • 不動産賃貸の仲介のため
  • 入居審査をおこなうため
  • 賃貸物件管理のため
  • 家賃等請求のため
  • 引越し関連業者紹介のため
  • For various guidance
  • 保証委託契約および賃貸保証契約に付随するサービスの提供のため
  • For contract review
  • 債権管理および賃貸借契約終了後の債権債務精算への協力のため
  • For various guidance
  • For carrying out business related to service provision
  • For contract amendment
  • For contract review
  • For accounting calculation
  • For billing
  • アフターサービスご提供のため
  • For various guidance
  • お申込み手続きのため
  • 緊急時の連絡のため
Call voice data
  • To confirm the contents of the call reception / inquiry call
Image of Security Camera
  • For safety management on crime prevention
Various inquiry information
  • For various inquiries
  • For various guidance
  • 弊社が必要とする人材の採用判断のため
  • 人事管理業務および業務の連絡のため
  • 法で定める退職者の人事管理業務および懇親等の必要に応じた連絡のため

2. 個人情報の取扱い





3. 個人情報の利用および第三者への開示・提供


  • サービス提供のため、提携する不動産会社、人材紹介先企業、クレジットカード発行事業者、その他生活サポート事業のため必要な事業組織に提供する場合
  • 法令の規定に基づく場合
  • 人の生命、身体又は財産の保護のために必要がある場合であって、お客様の同意を得ることが困難な場合、公衆衛生の向上又は児童の健全な育成の推進のために特に必要がある場合であって、お客様の同意を得ることが困難な場合等法的な要請に基づく場合

4. 開示対象個人情報に関する周知事項

We will announce the following points when we disclose one's personal information.

(1) Name of our company


(2) Personal information protection manager

財務総務部 責任者(03-6804-6801)

(3) Purpose of use of all disclosed personal information


(4) Send your inquiries and complaints to...

Name of the recipient: Personal Information Protection Manager
住所:東京都豊島区東池袋1-21-11 オーク池袋ビル2階
FAX :03-6804-6802

(5) Name of Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization to which our Company belongs to

※ Our company does not belong to any authorized personal information protection organization.

(6) Personal information disclosure procedure​ ​

Please refer to "Personal information disclosure procedure".



5. 個人情報の開示等のご請求に応じる手続き


Everyone who is requested to disclose personal information,HerePlease download the prescribed form (personal information inquiry application form) from, and fill in the necessary matter and send it to the following address.

【What to send】

(1)"Personal Information Inquiry Application Form"

Please fill in the following items on the prescribed form.

① Your address, name, telephone number and seal
② Invoice date
③ Information for identifying personal information requested for disclosure

(2) Certificate indicating that you are the principal and the agent

For yourselfIn the case of an agent
  • One of driver's license, passport, insurance card of health insurance, copy of residence card
  • Power of attorney denoting proxy (necessary)
  • Personal seal certificate, one of the identity confirmation documents, stamped with the power of attorney chop.

(3) Commission: 1,000 yen (only for notice or disclosure of purpose of use)

【Send to】
住所:〒170-0013 東京都豊島区東池袋1-21-11 オーク池袋ビル2階
Global Trust Networks Co., Ltd. Personal Information Protection Administrator, Inc.

※ Please contact the PMS secretariat if an agent is charged. In addition, those who can request an agent are limited to the following people.

  • Legal representative of a minor or adult ward
  • An agent who has been delegated by the principal for requesting disclosure etc.

When we receive the above request, we will reply in writing within 2 weeks after carrying out the necessary investigation. In responding, please understand that we will use the individual-only receipt mail for the purpose of preventing leakage of personal information by impersonation.

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