Voice & Internet SIM Plan

  • Voice & Internet Pre-paid Plan
  • Free 10 mins domestic calls!
  • Free SMS up to 300 yen!
  • Apply after the period of use is decided!

Up to 4 plans for you to choose

PlanPeriod of useLump-sum
2 GB15 days 5,000​ ​Yen
2 GB30 days 6,500​ ​Yen
6 GB15 days 7,000​ ​Yen
6 GB30 days 8,500​ ​Yen
2 GBPlan
15 days a lump-sum of5,000​ ​Yen
2 GBPlan
30日利用 a lump-sum of6,500​ ​Yen
6 GBPlan
15 days a lump-sum of7,000​ ​Yen
6 GBPlan
30日利用 a lump-sum of8,500​ ​Yen
  • ※ Handling Fee, SMS Basic Fee, Universal Service Fee are included in the Basic Charges
  • ※ Additional charge is required if you use over the amount of free calls/SMS
  • ※ All above prices are tax-excluded.
  • ​ ​If customers want to use more than 30 days, please write down the expected period of use in 'other inquiry' at the time of application (Up to 180 days)
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Recommended for

Short-stay customers

Customers who stay in Japan less than 30days or whose return date has not been decided yet

Ex)Visitors who are on business trip

Phone number necessary

Customers who need phone number to apply various services

Ex)Visitors who want to book restaurants etc.

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Other plans

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Voice & Internet post-paid SIM

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Internet only post-paid SIM

Monthly Data Fee980​ ​YenView details

Pre-paid SIM

Voice & Internet pre-paid SIM

15 daysa lump-sum of5,500​ ​YenView details

Pre-paid Internet SIM

Internet only pre-paid SIM

3 monthsa lump-sum of5,500​ ​YenView details

GTN Wifi

Discount when applying PREMIUM NEXT at the same time

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