Internet Only SIM Plan

  • 4 plans from 3GB~10GB
  • No contract period
  • Fastest Internet speed in Japan!
  • 050 number is available※ 1

Up to 4 plans for you to choose

PlanMonthly Data Fee
3 GB 980​ ​Yen
5 GB 1,480​ ​Yen
7 GB 1,980​ ​Yen
10GB 2,480​ ​Yen
3 GBPlan
Monthly Data Fee980​ ​Yen
5 GBPlan
Monthly Data Fee1,480​ ​Yen
7 GBPlan
Monthly Data Fee1,980​ ​Yen
Monthly Data Fee2,480​ ​Yen
  • ※1 Please contact the support center if interested
  • ※ Handling Fee 3,400yen
  • ※ SMS Basic Fee 150yen
  • ※ Universal Service Fee 2yen
  • ※ Additional Internet Charge 1,000yen/1GB
  • ※ All above prices are tax-excluded.
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Recommended for

Lower the cost as much as possible

通話料をなるべく抑えたい方に おすすめ!

Ex)No phone call and only Internet is enough

Short-stay customers

Ex)Technical Internship Trainees who don't need phone calls

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Other plans

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Voice & Internet post-paid SIM

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Internet only post-paid SIM

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Pre-paid SIM

Voice & Internet pre-paid SIM

15 daysa lump-sum of5,500​ ​YenView details

Pre-paid Internet SIM

Internet only pre-paid SIM

3 monthsa lump-sum of5,500​ ​YenView details

GTN Wifi

Discount when applying PREMIUM NEXT at the same time

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