GTN Wifi

Super large data usage Wifi rental plan

  • Rental Wifi plan!
  • Almost unlimited data with this price!
  • Watching YouTube up to 10 hours※ 1

Basic charge

PlanBasic charge With PREMIUM NEXT
In combination※ 2
Campaign price
Super large usage3,980 yen 3,680​ ​Yen
Super large usage
Basic charge
3,980 yen
Campaign price
In combination※ 2
3,680​ ​Yen
  • ※1 Calculated based on the medium video quality (360~480P). In case that the customer has used over the designated usage data, the Internet speed will be decreased to 128kbps until the end of the month.
  • * 2 If you would like to apply for a PREMIUM NEXT SET discount, please put "PREMIUM NEXT SET discount" in the comment section when applying.
  • * Handling/administrative fee: 3,400 yen
  • * Universal Service Fee 2yen
  • * All prices above exclude tax.
  • * Deposit fee may be required before contract.
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Recommended for

If you want to use a lot of data

This is a super-large data usage plan recommended for those who want to use a lot of data!

Example: Those who watch a lot of videos and use the Internet

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GTN Wifi

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