Voice call + high speed data communication

  • Data package for
    3 types

  • High Speed Internet

  • Voice call

Low price high speed 4G Internet

It is a plan with voice call function that can choose the capacity from 3GB, 5GB, 7GB.

Data Usage
Monthly basic charge
3GB plan1,930 yen (tax excluded) ~
5 GB planMonthly 2,630 yen (excluding tax) ~
7GB planMonthly 3,130 yen (excluding tax) ~
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SMS Basic charge150 yen
Voice callThe calling fee of the voice plan costs 30 seconds / 21 yen.
Connection speedNTT docomo LTE maximum downloading speed is 150 Mbps
※If the you exceed your data limitation, the downloading speed will slower to maximum 128 kbps.
SMS usage feeSMS charge: 3 yen (+tax) per SMS within Japan, 100 yen per international SMS
Universal service fee2 yen
Commission fee3,400 yen
Minimum usage7 months
*9,500 yen will be charged for terminating the contract within the minimum contract period (7 months)