Thank you for using GTN Mobile Service.

As we have released new plans, the application for the current Premium, EXPRESS Data Only and ULTRA Bob's Wifi plans are no longer available effective on 20th Nov 2019.

However, the customers who are using the above service are still able to use continuously.​ ​
If you would like to change to the new plans, please contact us.

Plans unavailable for application

  • ULTRA Bob’s Wifi

Date of entry closed


From 20th Nov 2019, GTN has been upgraded.
New plans PREMIUM Next, PREMIUM Data, GTN PREPAID SIM, GTN PREPAID DATA and GTN Wifi has been released. Let's apply for your new SIM card of these plans.


Notice of start of new service : 「PREMIUM Next」、「PREMIUM Data」、「GTN Wifi」

We are sorry for the sudden notice. However, for improving the service for our customers, we appreciate your understanding.
we appreciate your understanding.