Thank you for always supporting GTN Mobile.

We are running a promotion which gives away Amazon Promo Code for 3,000 yen or Japanese Rice for 5KG if you apply on the period 14th February 2018 to 14th March 2018.
Please take this chance to apply for our Premium Plan.

Campaign overview

An​ ​Amazon Gift Code for 3,000 yen​ ​or​ ​5KG of Japanese Rice​ ​will be send to you after application for specific plans.

Campaign period

Từ 14/2/2018 đến 14/3/2018

Target plan

Only for customers applying for 1 of the above plans.

Entry method

If you apply for the specific plans above from our GTN Mobile Official Website. We will confirm with you about whether you choose "Amazon Gift Code" or "Japanese Rice 5KG" on email.

We will send you the gifts you choose if we receive your answers before deadline.

About when we will send out the gift

Amazon Gift Code

A Promo Code will be sent via email within 1 week after confirming your answer.

Japanese Rice

1 pack of rice for 5KG will be delivered to you within 1 week after confirming your answer.

Other campaigns


All PREMIUM Plan will be given 600 Yen of monthly discount. Data package will be doubled!
Customers applying during this campaign period will always be discounted and given doubled data package.