Solving​ ​international student's
mobile phone problems!

GTN MOBILE - Highly recommended by​ ​
Waseda University Student Housing Center

It's really troublesome
to get mobile service in Japan?!

Normally you have to buy an expensive device bound with the SIM card

With GTN Mobile

Apply for a SIM card and use it with your SIM free mobile phone! ​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​

Normally credit card is required for payment

With GTN Mobile

Convenience store payment is available
Of course you can also go with credit card or bank auto payment

Normally only Japanese customer support is available

With GTN Mobile

Multilingual support is available upon and after sign-up. English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepali, etc. customer support

Normally charges cancellation fee and requires to for a year or more

With GTN Mobile

Free to cancel anytime you want
No cancellation fees

Normally no free call is offered by other SIM card companies

With GTN Mobile

Unlimited times of 10-minute talk is available


You can reserve a phone number before arriving at Japan.
Reservation is also available for those have come to Japan.

Press "RESERVE HERE" to receive a phone number before landing in Japan.
You can use the given number when you are asked to fill a phone number.
This makes the complicated procedures much smoother.

Sign Up

If you are already in Japan, please apply here.
SIM card will be delivered to you directly within 3 days after application.