Solving​ ​「Japan life related problems」
for Students!

GTN MOBILE - Highly recommended by​ ​
Waseda University Student Housing Center

Isn't it troublesome
to get mobile service in Japan?!

Normally it is necessary to buy an expensive device together with the SIM card...

With GTN Mobile

Apply for a SIM card and use with your own SIM free mobile phone!

Normally credit card is required for payment...

With GTN Mobile

Convenience store payment is available!
Of course, credit card or bank auto-deduction can also be used!

Normally only support in Japanese is available...

With GTN Mobile

Multilingual support is ready all the time including English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepali, etc.

Normally cancellation fee and contract period are compulsory...

With GTN Mobile

Without contract period!
No cancellation fees!

Special option "GTN Assistants" only for Waseda University International students

Supports medical interpreters, life consultations, etc. in your native language!

This option allows you to discuss problems occurred in Japan in your native language. For example, difficulty when communicating in Japanese, complex administrative procedures, etc...

How to sign up?

Register HERE!
SIM card will be delivered within 3 days after registration.

*Short-term plans are prepaid plans.

GTN Assistants

Please register as an option when applying for the above mobile service.