【Promotion when applying with GTN Mobile SIM】


About GTN EPOS Card

GTN EPOS Card is a credit card offered jointly by Global Trust Networks (GTN), a company specializing in providing comprehensive lifestyle support services for foreigners, and EPOS Card Co., Ltd.

It is a credit card that requires no deposit and is easy to apply for.

”クレジットカードが初めての方、日本語に不安がある方!ご安心ください。 外国人専門のサービスを提供しているGTNが無料でサポートします。”  – GTN

GTN Mobile And GTN EPOS Card! 1 Set With Several Merits!


Payment With GTN EPOS Card

  • POINT 1

    Those who have been issued a card will get​ ​2000 Points Welcome Bonus!
    (1 point is equivalent to 1 YEN).


    Those who set up the payment with GTN EPOS Card
    will get​ ​220 YEN Discount!(incl. tax)

  • POINT 3

    No Annual Fee Ever!
    Use GTN EPOS Card only when you need it and earn points.

  • POINT 4

    You can use your points to pay for the monthly mobile bill, even for everyday purchases.
    Calling rates are even cheaper!

Payment Comparison Table

* You can scroll.

GTN Epos CardOther
Credit Card
Convenience Stores
Payment MethodAuto-withdrawal from bankAuto-withdrawal from bankPay at Convenience stores
GTNモバイル月額基本料に対して 割引があるか Available
(220 YEN discount available)
 not applied not applied
GTNモバイルの支払い (月額基本料・事務手数料) に対してポイントがつくか Yes YesNo
ポイントをGTNモバイルの 支払いに使えるか Yes YesNo
Multi-Language Support? Available not applied Available
More benefits!

Various Discounts with Even More Points​ ​

Discount Available On More Than 10,000 Shop nationwide!

Accumulate Points When Paying!
Points can be exchanged to Gift Tickets, or other company points, and so on...

Convenient and Easy to Use

Save even more by discovering all the advantages of GTN EPOS Card​ ​

Support Apple Pay

Enjoy Useful Content Videos

It has never been easier to get a Japanese Sim Card and Credit Card!

Registration Procedure For Both GTN Mobile SIM Card And GTN EPOS Card

  • Sim Card will be delivered by GTN Mobile. EPOS card will be sent by EPOS Card company.
  • Depending on the screening result, there might be cases that the Credit Card can not be issued. In that case, please be assured that payment method will be automatically changed to Convenience Store payment. Please note that it may take some time for the results to be available.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Q I do not have a bank account, can I apply for both Sim and Credit Card?
A Since it is necessary to link the Credit Card to the bank account, Customers can only apply for sim card in this situation.​ ​

Q What if I do not pass the screening for GTN EPOS Card?
A Monthly payment for mobile bills will be automatically changed to Convenience Store payment.​ ​

Q Can I apply cards for my friends and family?
A No. Only the customers who use GTN Mobile can apply for the card (one card per customer).​ ​

Q What if I have concerns or problems?​ ​
A Please do not worry. Our staff are more than happy to support you.

Customer Feedback CUSTOMER ’S VOICE

Mongolia Branch

I can do shopping online easily now. I was afraid of spending too much, but I can manage it well now.


The number of coins such as 1 yen and 10 yen has decreased, the wallet and pocket have become lighter.


GTN EPOS is my first credit card. I feel good when I get points even though I do not realize it!

Please note that the GTN EPOS Card is available only for GTN Customers.

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