GTN Care


What is GTN CARE?

A new service which includes all services you need for your daily life in Japan!

Life Support App

  • Chat and Calls available24hreception
  • Medical Interpretation OK

SIM with phone number

  • High-speed SIMthat also supports hight speed SIM
  • Data Communication+Voice callAvailable

3 Convenient Insurance Coverage

  • Accidental Hospitalization/Surgery Insurance Coverage 5,000 YEN(Up to 90days)
  • 日常生活賠償責任補償 up to 50,000,000 yen
  • 傷害死亡・後遺障害補償 300,000 yen

Great for People Like...

  • Want to live safely in Japan
    using an All-in-one Package
  • Need a phone number/ SMS function 
  • Need high-speed 5G Internet

日本生活の″不便“にさようならGTN  Assistants

GTN Assistants is an app service
 that supports your daily life.

  • 01Can easily contact us via Chat for help
  • 02Ask for interpretation in different situations
  • 03Medical interpretation is also available
  • 04Get various discount coupons


Support available in 19 languages*App available in 6 languages

  • English Speaking Staff

  • Chinese

  • 韓国語

  • 台湾華語

  • タガログ語

  • Vietnamese Speaking Staff

  • タイ語

  • モンゴル語

  • ネパール語

  • ミャンマー語

  • インドネシア語

  • ヒンディー語

  • ポルトガル語

  • スペイン語

  • シンハラ語

  • ウルドゥー語

  • ベンガル語

  • フランス語

  • Japanese Speaking Staff


365 days, 24/7 support with GTN Assistants!

  • 21:00~翌朝10:00は医療通訳対応時間外となります。
  • 21:00~翌朝10:00は英語・中国語・韓国語・タガログ語・ベトナム語・フランス語・モンゴル語・ネパール語・ミャンマー語・インドネシア語・ポルトガル語・スペイン語・タイ語のみの対応となります。


Easily consult with
 GTN Assistant Chat!



Get various coupons and useful information

  • Weather forecast, disaster information
  • Latest news
  • Over-the-counter medicine
  • Hospital search 
  • GTN articles

For information about the terms of service, CLICK HERE

どこでもいつでも快適に通信 GTN Mobile

Use the SIM card provided by
GTN Mobile
 - specialized services for foreigners.

For foreigners, there are many challenging aspects when it comes to signing a mobile phone contract in Japan.
For example, when signing a contract

  • Payment method only has
    Credit Card
    or Bank auto-deduction
  • Staying period
     has to be longer
    than 26 months
  • The contract holder
    must be fluent
    in Japanese.

There are such criterias.

But, with GTN Care, 
almost all 
can easily use high-quality mobile services!

Monthly fee of GTN Care3,980 yen
Data Amount10GB/ month ( Uprage to 20GB plan
with only 1,000 yen extra)
Call RateDomestic call rate is 27,5 yen (tax included)/ 30 seconds.
Initial Administrative Fee3,300 yen
Additional Data550 yen/ 1GB
SMS Charges3,3 yen/ Domestic SMS, 100 yen/ International SMS
Data Communication System5G/4G
Approximate Maximum Speed when Data Capacity exceeded300Kbps
Universal FeeIncluded in 
GTN Care's monthly fee

* The prices shown are tax included.

日常生活に安心を 自動補償付帯

For customers who have subscribed to GTN Care
 we have signed an injury compensation contract with an insurance company.
You will automatically be covered by the compensation.

Living in an unfamiliar culture or place can lead to unexpectedly difficult situations.
If you are subscribed to GTN Care,
 you can cover your risks with compensation in such situations.
GTN will support you 
even in troubles in your daily life in Japan.

Compensation ①

Injury Hospitalization/Surgery Compensation

If you are hospitalized due to an injury

Compensation fee
:5,000 yen / day(up to 90 days)

【Compensation details】
If you are hospitalized due to an accidental injury 
during the compensation period (injury hospitalization)
5,000 yen × the number of days of hospitalization for injury (up to 90 days)
For treatment of injuries caused by accidents during the insurance period,
From the day of the accident, including that day​ ​​ ​
If you have undergone surgery (*) within 90 days 
(1) Surgery while hospitalized: 50,000 yen /
(2) Surgery other than (1): 25,000 yen 

Compensation ②

Liability compensation
in everyday life

In everyday life、
When the insured party (= service user)
is held liable for damages due to their own fault

Compensation fee
:Up to 50,000,000 yen

【Compensation details】
The amount of the legal liability for damages
 borne by the insured 
to the party entitled to claim damages for inhibition

The court costs ordered to be paid 
by the ruling or the cost of delay until the date of the ruling

The amount of the legal liability for damages
 if any, 
acquired by the insured as a result of the payment of damages 
to the party entitled to claim damages. 

Note) up to 50 million yen


Hit someone else's car 
while commuting to school by bicycle.

Compensation:around 500,000 yen


Hit a passenger and injured their leg
When pulling a suitcase inside the station,

Compensation: around 1,030,000 yen

(Judgment of the Tokyo District Court on April 24, 2015)

Compensation ③

Accidental Death and Permanent Disability Compensation 

In case of death or permanent disability 
due to injury

Compensation fee
:300,000 yen

【Compensation details】
If you are hospitalized due to an accidental injury 
From the day of the accident, including that day​ ​​ ​
and pass away within 180 days.
300,000 yen
If you are hospitalized due to an accidental injury 
From the day of the accident, including that day​ ​​ ​
, a residual disability occurs within 180 days
300,000 yen × Insurance claim payment ratio prescribed in the contract