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GTN Assistants provides advices and assistances in different languages for your daily life in Japan.
Available 24 hours a day

What are the advantages of using GTN Assistants?

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    Can easily contact us via Chat for help

  • Ask for interpretation in different situations

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    Medical interpretation is also available

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    Get various discount coupons

Support available in 19 languages

*App available in 6 languages

Having trouble communicating when you go out

Can't understand well in Japanese
Need an interperter...

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I can speak Japanese well,
but I need an interpreter at the hospital!

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Call the advisors direct via App

Easily consult with

Available 24 hours a day*

Support 18 languages*



Even a small concern

Dont know where to start 
for my life in Japan

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Not sure what do do
even after talking with friends

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Contact our advisors via Chat in different situations


I want to know where to buy 〇〇
I need help in the City Hall
I need to know how to renew or cancel my lease contract
I want to know how to seperate the garage
I want to search for a hospital that has English support
I need help to make an appointment for a check up

Easily consult with

Contact for help easily via Chat

as many time as many time as you want

Get various coupons and useful information

  • Weather forecast, disaster information

  • Latest news

  • Over-the-counter medicine

  • Hospital search 

  • GTN articles

GTN Assistants

Only 1,078 YEN/month

 can be used as many times as you want

First month is free!
You can choose this service in the "Option" section during the application process

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