Inquiries on reservation status

If you apply for GTN Mobile's number reservation service, your request will normally be completely proceeded in about 3 working days.
You will be able to check the phone number your reserved in this page after the procedure is completed.

Those who have a reservation number

Those who have made reservation applications may confirm the status of their reservation procedure by entering the reservation number.

If you have already completed the reservation procedure and you apply for using the communication service with the reserved phone number, please enter the reservation number on this page and proceed to the contract procedure.

Those who loses their reservation number

Please contact us by phone, email or SMS.
We may need some of your personal information for instance reserved phone number, name, email address, passport number or etc for confirmation. Please be sure that the information you give us is exactly the same as the one you filled in during registration.

If you do not know the reserved phone number...

If we loss your reservation phone number, you may not be able to use the information we provide previously for registration. You may have to registered through the​ ​PREMIUM plan application page.