Inquiries after application

If you apply for GTN Mobile's communication service, your request will normally be completely proceeded in about 3 working days.
We will send you the item as soon as the procedure is completed. We appreciate your patient in waiting for the delivery process being completed.

We may ask you for sending a confirmation message to ensure you received the items, or submit some additional documents if there are incompleteness or unclear points in application form or any other related submitted documents.
You may submit your confirmation message or required documents to us with this page.

Those who have an application inquiry number

If you have already registered, please enter the "application inquiry number" we issued to you after you complete your application to check the progress of the application proceed status.

If we have requested you to submit confirmation items or additional documents from us, that request will be displayed in the page, please submit the relevant items or documents in the comment column.

If you lose your application inquiry number...

Application Inquiry number will be sent by email to your email address after the application procedure is completed.
Please check the mail arriving from "".

If you have not receive the mail from us please contact us by phone or mail.