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VOICE Call Plan

GTN Mobile Eazy SIM
3GB 1,200 YEN
980 yen~
10GB 2,200 yen
1,980 yen
30GB 4,200 yen
3,980 yen

Select from small to large data amount.

Data can roll over.

Apply from Japan or overseas!

SIM card available for pickup at the airport.

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GTN Care
10GB 3,980 yen 20GB 4,980 yen


【Lifestyle Support App】

【3 Convenient Insurance Coverage】
✔傷害入院/手術補償 日額5,000円
✔日常生活賠償責任補償 5,000万円まで
✔傷害死亡・後遺障害補償 30万円

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Prepaid Data SIM

50GB 5,000 yen​ ​ Usage Period 30 Days 135GB 10,000 yen Usage Period 90 Days

Large amount for plenty of use

Easy application with passport only

One-time prepayment only
No administration fee

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Pocket Wifi Plan​ ​

GTN Wifi
10GB/3 Days 3,980 yen 4,378 yen (tax included)

Rental Wifi With Large Data Capacity

Get a Discount with GTN MOBILE Eazy SIM/GTN Care Package

FREE Device Rental​ ​(10,000 yen deposit required in advance)

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Efforts to prevent unauthorized use of SIM cards
Added: GTN may suspend the use of voice and data communication services in order to prevent high-value unauthorized use by a third party or the illegal use of illegally acquired device for criminal or potentially criminal activities.
Added: *Complies with our Terms of Service
Added: If it is clear that a user has used the service illegally, we will continue our efforts to prevent such crimes using our voice and data communication services.
Added: Thank you for your understanding in advance.