GTN MobileEazy SIM


A Plan with
 Voice Calls and Data
GTN Mobile Eazy SIM

Simple and Easy SIM Plan

Easy to Apply
Anyone can apply with postpaid! Apply from Japan or overseas!
Easy to Use
Select up to 50GB of data. You can also roll over your data.
Can also be received at the airport, not just by mail (from February 2023).
Easy to Understand
No complicated promotions! Simple pricing tax included!

Great for People Like...

  • Long-term residents
  • Need a phone number
  • Need an SMS verification
  • Simply want
    another phone number
(incl. tax)
After set discount is applied
(incl. tax)※
3GB1,200 yen650円
10GB2,200 yen1,650円
30GB4,200 yen3,650円
50GB6,200 yen5,650円

※The set discount is the "EPOS Discount" and "Net Discount" applied. 
It is a service that discounts from the mobile basic fee 550 yen every month.

Apply for GTN Mobile Eazy SIM

EPOS Discount

By applying for both the SIM card and 
the credit card for foreigners
 "GTN EPOS card",
If the issued credit card is 
used to pay the mobile service,
SIM monthly basic fee 

Discount of 220 yen every month

What is GTN EPOS card

Net discount

By applying for the SIM card and 
getting the Home internet, 
SIM monthly basic fee 

Discount of 330 yen every month

What is Home internet

Apply for GTN Mobile Eazy SIM

Documents required for the application

Notes/Other Fees

Payment MethodPostpaid
Initial Administration Fee (incl. tax)3,300 yen
MNPTransfer in/out available
Data RolloverCan roll over 1 month
Data Charge (incl. tax)550 yen/500MB
Call charges (incl. tax)22 yen/30 sec
Messaging (incl. tax)Domestic SMS 3.3 yen
Overseas SMS 50 yen
  • *700 yen will be charged for mail/airport pickup.
  • *Universal service fee and telephone relay service fee will be charged separately.
  • ※All prices are tax-included.