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A Plan with
 Voice Calls and Data
GTN Mobile Eazy SIM

Simple and Easy SIM Plan

3GB Plan from 980 yen/month
Easy to Apply
Anyone can apply with postpaid! Apply from Japan or overseas!
Select up to 50GB of data. You can also roll over your data.
Can also be received at the airport, not just by mail (from February 2023).
Easy to Understand
No complicated promotions! Simple pricing tax included!

Great for People Like...

  • Long-term residents
  • Need a phone number
  • Need an SMS verification
  • Simply want
    another phone number
(incl. tax)
Price After EPOS Discount
(incl. tax)
3GB1,200 yen980 yen
10GB2,200 yen1,980 yen
30GB4,200 yen3,980 yen
50GB6,200 yen5,980 yen

Apply for GTN Mobile Eazy SIM

Get GTN EPOS Card Package
 for the Best Deal!

You can apply for the GTN EPOS Card, a credit card exclusively for foreigners, while applying for a SIM card.
If you apply for a GTN EPOS Card and is successfully issued at the same time,
a monthly discount of 220 yen will be applied when you pay your mobile phone bill with the credit card!

Apply for GTN MOBILE Eazy SIM

 Prepaid SIM

  • 50GB/135GBLarge data amount Prepaid SIM
  • Easy application with passport only
  • Pickup by mail OKPickup at the airport OK

Great for People Like...

  • Short-term stay
  • Want to use data until
    getting long-term SIM contract
  • Don’t need a phone number
    or SIM
Data AmountPrice (incl. tax)Period of Use
50GB5,000 YEN30 days
135GB10,000 YEN90 days

Apply for GTN Data SIM

※Airport pickup is available from February 2023.

Rental Pocket Wifi

  • Large Data CapacityPostpaid Wifi Plan
  • Rent the Device for rented free of charge* 1
  • Easy applicationwith passport only
  • Pickup by mail OKPickup at the airport OK
  • Get GTN Mobile Eazy SIM/GTN Care Set for the Best Deal!* 2

Great for People Like...

  • Use a Voice Call SIM
    but do not have enough capacity
  • Find it difficult
    to install fiber optic lines.
  • Want to use large capacity 
    Internet immediately.
Data AmountPrice (incl. tax)Price with Set Discount (incl. tax)
10GB/3 Days*34,378 yen4,048 yen

Apply for GTN Wifi

  • *1 10,000 yen deposit required in advance at the time of application. *2 If you use GTN Mobile Eazy SIM or GTN Care at the same time, you will receive a monthly discount of 330 yen for GTN Wifi's monthly usage fee.
  • *3 Consume 10GB of data within 3 days. If 10GB is consumed before 3 days, the speed will be reduced to 700kbps. 10GB of data will be reset in the next day.
  • ※Airport pickup is available from February 2023.

What is GTN CARE?

A new service which includes all services you need for your daily life in Japan!

Life Support App

  • Chat and Calls available24hreception
  • Medical Interpretation OK

SIM with phone number

  • High-speed SIMthat also supports 5G
  • Data Communication+Voice callAvailable

3 Convenient Insurance Coverage

  • Accidental Hospitalization/Surgery Insurance Coverage 5,000 YEN(Up to 90days)
  • 日常生活賠償責任補償 up to 50,000,000 yen
  • 傷害死亡・後遺障害補償 300,000 yen

Great for People Like...

  • Want to live safely in Japan
    using an All-in-one Package
  • Need a phone number/ SMS function 
  • Need high-speed 5G Internet
10GB Plan月額料金 3,980 yen
20GB Plan月額料金 4,980 yen

* The prices shown are tax included.

Apply for GTN Care

※Airport pickup is available from February 2023.