New SIM Plan Promo!
Administrative fee 0 yen 

Campaign Period:
 Until October 31, 2023


GTNイメージキャラクター ホラン千秋


EPOS Discount

By applying for both the SIM card and 
the credit card for foreigners
 "GTN EPOS card",
If the issued credit card is 
used to pay the mobile service,
The mobile basic fee will have a

Discount of 220 yen every month

What is GTN EPOS card

Net discount

By applying for the SIM card and 
getting the Home internet, 
The mobile basic fee will have a

Discount of 330 yen every month

What is Home internet

Apply for GTN 5G Kakeho

  • Price when all set discounts are applied.
  • Note that the communication standard is 4G/LTE when used outside the 5G area.
  • Unlimited domestic calls are available, with some exceptions, such as Navidial 0570.
  • International calls are not covered by the "Unlimited Calls" option.
  • To make an international call with "GTN Dial", please use the GTN Mobile App or add "00912091-010" at the beginning of the country code and the outgoing call number.
    If the call is not made as a "GTN Dial" call, no "GTN Dial" international call charges will be incurred. Please click here to see the international calling rates for "GTN Dial".