JPY 1,680​ ​for

5 GB

High Speed Internet

Moreover,​ ​
​ ​Free Calls available !

Only for customers who switch from other mobile carriers to GTN Mobile

Free Top-Up DataCampaign

Switching to GTN Mobile within campaign period,​ ​
and get addditional 2GB data for free

Monthly Data Feecapacity
JPY 1,6803GB → 5 GB
JPY 1,9805GB → 7 GB
JPY 2,3807GB → 9GB
JPY 2,88010GB → 12GB
JPY 3,58014GB → 16GB
JPY 4,88021GB → 22GB
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Transfer to GTN Mobile PREMIUM NEXT

  • Main Carrier

    Data 3GB/month
    JPY 5,000 ~ 7,000
    Free 5-min calls
  • Approx. 1/3
  • GTN Mobile

    Data 5GB/month
    JPY 1,680~
    Unlimited Free 10-min calls
    Yearly JPY 25,560
Annualy aroundJPY 35,000〜58,000​ ​saved


Higher Internet speed
compared to other low price SIMs

Unlimited free 10-min domestic calls

customer support​ ​

No contract period

Convenience store payment OK!

※Prices above are for the first 3 months only. JPY 600+tax will be added to the basic fee after 3months.
※This is not an (Switch-in or Switch-out) MNP service. New number will be provided when signing the new contract.
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Promotion Details

Campaign​ ​GTN Mobile Switchover Camaign
Duration2020 May 15th~2020 June 30th
Target planAll PREMIUM NEXT Plans

Free 2GB top-up data will be offered until 2021 April 30th for customers switching from other mobile companies.

※This is not an (Switch-in or Switch-out) MNP service. New number will be provided when signing the new contract.
※ Additional data will not be added automatically. Kindly contact the Customer Support when you used up the data of the month.
※Only 1GB will be added for 21GB plan.

How to Apply

Within 1 month after sigining a new contract with GTN Mobile, click​ ​Here​ ​to upload one of the required documents (of the previous carrier) below:

  • Contract
  • Certificate of contract cancellation
  • Payment Bills
  • Payment Statement

※Both photos and screenshots are acceptable
※Your name must be shown on the uploaded documents
※Cutomers who do not have a Google account, please send name, phone number and required documents to

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